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Unigram Labs is a small team of Activators and Research Advisors that are committed to leveraging research, science, and technology to contribute to the advancement of society. 

What We Do

Technology Surveys and Landscapes

Technology Scouting & Tracking

Project Ideation and Proofs-of-Concepts

What We Focus On

Human and Machine Learning

- Education and Education Technologies

- Brain Development, Neuroscience, and Health Technologies

- Future of Work

- Automation and Robotics

- Artifcial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Physical Infrastructure

- Transportation and Distribution 

- Agro-Food Technology

- Energy 

- Materials Innovation

- Construction and Manufacturing

Future of Information Technology

- Information Access and Data Infrastructure

- Software and Computation Literacy

- Software Productivity e.g. NoCode / Low Code Tools

- Computation e.g. GPU, Quantum Computing, Distributed Computing

- Internet of Things (IOT)


Recent Projects

The Low-Code / No-Code Ecosystem

The Conversational AI Ecosystem

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Be Part of the Innovation

We have several projects underway and we’re very excited about the road ahead. 

However, acknowledging that this is an unconventional and ambitious undertaking, we can definitely use the help!

We’d like to invite you to join us on this journey and encourage you to:

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